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Who or What is Alice?

Alice is a free program that is awesome. I believe that it has more awe that just some. Alice is actually awebunch.

ALICE is an object-oriented program that imparts a sense of software engineering by removing the software language barrier. This is accomplished by allowing students to create animations without the requirement of knowing a programming language. While creating the animations students learn computer concepts and programming basics that are identical to text-based programming languages. Some concepts utilized include sequence, conditions, loops and subroutines. The students also gain experience using a typical engineering process such as defining the problem, generating solutions, deciding a course of action, implementing that action and evaluating the results.

The objective of using Alice within the MSTF program is just one part of a three part process. Alice is a hands-on approach to visual programming languages which then leads into either the NXT-G graphical robotics programming language or the Robotics Studio Visual Programming Language. Each member of the MSTF Robotics team uses Alice to create both a 3D animated movie and video game. This experience prepares them for the second part of the software engineering research which is to build and program a competitive robot and then move into using text-based visual programming language such as C#.

Examples of Alice Videos

Please click on links below to view MSTF team members videos.

Staci's Robotics Students

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