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Service-Oriented Computing in C#

Service-Oriented computing is the new paradim in computer programming. The old method of programming involved a single group of programmers creating an entire software or program. This meant that individuals either had to buy the entire program or reinvent the portion they need for thier own application. Service-Oriented computing is changing all of that. Programmers are more and more creating individual services such as a service that would allow a person to add an item to a virtual shopping cart. These services are gathered together in what is called a service repository. This is similar to numerous books being gathered together in a library. When a person is putting a website or an application together they wouldn't need to write all brand new code. Instead they would go to the service repository and select the services they need for their application and pay the person who developed it for the ability to use it. This would mean the original service would remain intact while allowing public asses to portions that can be individualized for each persons application.

Basic Computing in C#

C# is one of many text based programming languages that can be used to create services that can be placed in a service repository. C# is very similar to so many text based programming languages it serves as a great introduction to programming.
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