Ecology Explorers


Ecology Explorers is part of the Central Arizona – Phoenix Long-Term Ecological Research (CAP LTER) project that is being carried out by scientists. The Ecology Explorers program allows K-12 teachers and students to be involved with real scientific research. It encourages teachers to introduce scientific protocols and research in their classroom. The Ecology Explores program is currently doing research on ground arthropods, birds, plant/insect interaction, and vegetation of the Phoenix area.


Teachers Ecological Explorers

The Ecology Explorers program contains a site to help teachers introduce great activities to get their students involved in real research and scientific protocols. The site encompasses information to get the teacher started and includes a guide that indicates the state standards being covered, power point presentations and slides, lesson plans, and complete protocols.

Student Ecological Explorers
The Ecology Explorers for students offers the students information on the research that is being done, introduces the researchers, allows the students to enter their collected data into the main data base, offers the students games and research simulations, and gives the students the research protocols. The students can utilize the protocols for arthropod collection and identification, beetles/seed data collection, bird identification, and vegetation data collection. The site offers the students games and interactive research simulations on land changes and usage, aerial photos of the valley, insect identification, and identifying birds and their songs. Teachers can help the students enter their data after registering as an Ecology Explorer at the following sites: and