Poster Guidelines

  • One poster must be created by each small (2-4 students) group.
  • Poster size: 30" x 40" mounted on foam board; either landscape or portrait orientation may be used. ASU will provide the printing and foam boards.
  • Single PowerPoint slide (set size to 30" x 40" or 40" x 30" in "Page Setup")
  • For PowerPoint templates, use Google with keywords such as "powerpoint templates scientific posters". Make sure to set the size to 30" x 40" (or 40" x 30") in PowerPoint's "Page Setup". If you start from a template found on the internet, please make substantial changes.
  • For some examples of other scientific posters, see Gallery
  • Draft poster files must be submitted by 5:00 PM Monday July 20 by email to
  • Final poster files must be submitted by 1:00 PM Tuesday July 21 by email to
  • Easels will be provided for each poster; a shared five-foot table will be provided for some of the posters.
  • Do not overload the posters with detailed information.
  • Do not use special fonts.
  • A poster is NOT a collection of PowerPoint slides!
  • The use of figures, etc. that you do not own is discouraged. The use of copyrighted material without permission is prohibited.
  • Acknowledgments:
1. Please acknowledge the people who made your experience possible! Your mentor(s), post docs, graduate students, staff, other faculty, etc.
2. Please acknowledge the supporting organizations:
Science Foundation Arizona
National Science Foundation
Arizona State University