Dr. Anne Katherine Jones, P.I.
Lisa Tozzi
Janin Polcovich

Our reseach group's goal is to understand how redox enzymes work and to reproduce their activites in synthetic peptides. These peptides not only have biological roles such as energy conversion and chemical transformations in living things but redox enzymes can be used in industrial roles such as sensors, energy production (fuel cells) and catalysis. These protiens link together biochemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry as well as engineering. Some questions that are lab will addres are:
  • What are the catalytic mechanisms of redox enzymes?
  • How redox enzymes can be re-engineered for use in devices such as fuel cells?
  • How can redox enzymes be engineered to interface with electical and biological components for technological and medical applications?

This is shows the process of our peptide being bonded to ferocene